Admission Tickets

  • One-day Pass 40,000 Won (One day admission from 3 days long tournament)
  • Free Pass 100,000 Won (Free admission for all 3 days of tournament)

Where to Purchase Tickets

Bank offices
(Hana Bank & Korea Exchange Bank)
(G-Market and Auction)
Ticket Booths
Sale Time
Hana Bank:
Sept. 15 (Mon.) ~ Oct. 16 (Thur.)

Korea Exchange Bank:
Sept. 22 (Mon.) ~ Oct. 16 (Thur.)
[1st] Jul. 8 (Tue.)
~Aug. 26 (Tue.)
[2nd] Aug. 27 (Wed.)
~Sept. 15 (Mon.)
[3rd] Sept. 16 (Tue.)
~Oct. 15 (Wed.)
Oct. 16 (Thur.) ~ Oct. 19 (Sun.)
Cash Cash/Card Cash/Card
Discounts 20 % Discount
(30% discount to customers who open installment savings account)
[1st] 30% Discount
[2nd] 20% Discount
[3rd] No Discount
When paying with HanaSK, or KEB card
20 % Discount

* Group Rate
More than 4 admissions: 10% discount
(When paying with
HanaSK,or KEB card
25% discount applicable)

More than 10 admissions: 20 % Discount
(When paying with
HanaSK, or KEB card
30% discount applicable)
Ticket Guide - 갤Ticketing Inquiries:Sema Sports Entertainment  /  T.02) 539-4940
  • Please clip "Gallery Giveaway Coupon" from the pass and drop it in a box at entrance. Will draw lots for giveaways at 2PM everyday.
  • Will announce a list of giveaways later. Items can be changed without notice.
  • Will offer giveaways only for the on-site galleries. Taxes and the public utilities' charge will apply to recipient.